Author - create and edit tabs

Author - create and edit tabs

By Ultimate Guitar

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2016-09-17
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 70.02 MB
  • Developer: Ultimate Guitar
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 15 Ratings


Author helps you to quickly create and edit chord tabs or tab sheets for any song and then publish them directly to Ultimate Guitar, the largest guitar community. CREATE Try a brand new way of creating chord charts and tab sheets for your favorite songs. With the smart keyboard and tab editor, it's easier and faster than in common text editor. PUBLISH Share your tabs with Ultimate Guitar community, and they will be available for millions of guitarists from all over the world. GET REWARDS We respect and appreciate every Author's work and reward them. Author features: - Tab editor; - Smart keyboard to easily create chord charts and add song parts; - Automatic lyrics search for most songs; - Built-in music player; - Apple Music integration; - Access to your tabs at Ultimate Guitar and actual status info; - Comments on tabs to discuss with other authors; - Easy publication to Ultimate Guitartabcatalog. Can do tabs? Become an Ultimate Guitar Author!



  • Wonky interface

    By narrowband
    Once I understood the bugs in the interface, it worked okay. I would have never gotten past the initial screen if not for someone else’s review - why is there no button for create after you fill in the form? Also, switching between Lyrics is wonky. In order to get into Lyrics mode, I had to ensure that I could see a cursor, click lyrics, then when the cursor went away, click chords and then lyrics again. Also bizarre - I found that I could not use my keyboard for editing chords, and that the navigation in chords somewhat arbitrary. Sometimes the chord would move and other times not. It would also be nice if the chords didn’t disappear when the text beneath was deleted. Otherwise, you have an OK interface going. Also, I know you’re the center of the universe, and we are only here to edit Tab for inclusion in your app, but there are those amongst us that would like to use this for our own personal edification.
  • This is sad...

    By Illwey1
    I really want this app. To work because of the potential I know it can have, but it just doesn’t. It crashes on basically every input and it also has some tabs on there that I can’t delete. (Either because I made them a long time ago or because they aren’t mine, I’m not quite sure. I don’t remember making guitar tabs for Rockin’ Robbin...)
  • Personal Saving

    By Him dude
    Great app just wish you could save songs privately like you can on the computer, I don’t want to wait for my song to get approved it’d be nice to be able to switch over to my phone and just be able to play my song
  • Great idea, TERRIBLE execution

    By Kevan S.
    I really wanted to like this app, but as others have mentioned it's constantly crashing, especially when working with lyrics. More often than not the files get corrupted before I can get them ready for submission, forcing me to start over from scratch.
  • Crashes....

    By Battlewithin
    A lot. The cursor gets lost between chord lines and lyrics lines. Highlighting to cut/copy/paste just doesn't work. The auto spell feature of iOS doesn't work so contractions aren't correctly apostrophized unless you do it manually. If I correct formatting was used for chords on a file uploaded to UG by you, it jacks up the whole file and you basically have to start from scratch. You can only edit tabs/chords uploaded to UG and only those uploaded by you. No way to easily edit someone else's work for submitting corrections. No way to download for personal use either. Oh. Did I mention it crashes? A lot? I mean. A lot, a lot. It's also takes quite a bit of getting used to. Not saying it's not at least a little intuitive, but you have to manually switch which mode you're in, even when chords or tab already exist and you tap on them; the app basically ignores the tap, so you tap again and again, then realize that you have to change the mode for it to work. Oh yeah. It crashes, too. A lot. But, hey! It's free!
  • Fix it!!!

    By 🎸Mr. Gutar🎸
    I am currently trying to write my first tab and every time I switch between lyrics and song parts, my iPad Pro shuts down the app and i have to go back into the app and try to do what I was doing again only to have it crash again. I like the idea of this app but it isn't even usable. Please fix this so I can write songs and give this a five star review.
  • More Like Staff Writer

    By S. L. Biggs
    Thought this was cool until I discovered you couldn't use this write your own songs and save them on your iPad. What a waste!
  • Can't start with a file you have created elsewhere.

    By Hopetheyfixthis
    I have literally hundreds of chord charts and I can't seem to load them into the program. You can start a new chord chart and it loads the lyrics but you cannot copy and paste an existing file into the program. At least I could not figure out how. Also navigation is quirky. To add a new file you have to enter the artist and title and select chord or tab. But there are no nav buttons. You have to bring the title back up and hit enter. Weird.
  • Coolest app ever!

    By Hardcore WWR Nerd
    I love this! This app allows me to create a tab of anything I want, it also finds lyrics for me so I just have to enter the chords (or tabs)! It has functions for Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Guitar, and Drums. This app is so legit! My only problem, they don't have tabs for Ukulele, they have chords, but not tabs. Other than that minor flaw, this app is amazing! Best free app in the history of studliness!
  • Great idea, app crashes ALOT

    By Space Man Rex
    I have got through one song, but it took hours due to the crashing. I'm working on a second but i cant even edit it without it crashing. What's the point of a music writing app that doesn't let you do anything? I assume it will be updated soon, as they do with Ultimate Guitar bugs. At least i hope so....