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  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-09-04
  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 44.42 MB
  • Developer: TippyTalk
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 1.5
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The TippyTalk app is the first of its kind; we are the first communication tool that removes the person living with the verbal disability from the limitations of same room communication and opens the door to the world around them. How it works Our app allows a person living with a verbal disability to communicate by translating pictures into text messages which are then sent to a family member or care givers phone or tablet. The app allows you the parent our caregiver to capture images that are uniquely identifiable and familiar to the person living with the verbal disability. You simply take a picture of an object, place, or person and apply the appropriate text. You can also reinforce language development by recording your voice over each picture insuring the person living with the disability will recognize and understand the message. This communication is not restricted by distance the person living with the verbal disability can communicate with whomever they chose no matter where they may be in the world. TippyTalk is unique in that it removes the person with the verbal disability from the limitations of same room communication and by doing so increases and promotes Communication, Independent choice, and Social inclusion, while also reducing the frustration for the person and the family living with the verbal disability. No two TippyTalkers will be the same, each unit is extremely user friendly and simply to program. Putting the control back into the hands of the parent, after all no one knows their loved ones better than you do. No other product on the market today is offering the personalization, social-communication and independence that TippyTalk is providing. We are breaking down communication barriers by allowing the user to connect and communicate with two or more parties at the same time, while ensuring that this communication is not limited by distance or physical impairment. **NOTE** The edit function in the app can be accessed by swiping in from the left of the screen and pressing the button that appears. If you forget your pin it can be reset by pressing the forgot pin and entering the master pin 1289. A Subscription is required to use Tippytalk. A one month trial is available. After the end of the trial you will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. The subscription is then automatically renewed each month/year unless auto-renewal is disabled. To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your iTunes account settings. Subscriptions are priced below per month / per year: United States* $14.99 US / $99.99 US Canada $20.99 CA / $134.99 CA Australia $22.99 AU / $154.99 AU United Kingdom £10.99 / £97.99  Belgium €14.99 / €99.99  Finlande €14.99 / €99.99  France €14.99 / €99.99  Germany €14.99 / €99.99  Italy €14.99 / €99.99  Ireland €14.99 / €99.99  Netherlands €14.99 / €99.99  Portugal €14.99 / €99.99  Spain €14.99 / €99.99  Norway 159,00 kr NO / 1,090.00 kr NO Sweden 159,00 kr SE / 1,149.00 kr SE Danemark 119,00 kr DK / 889.00 kr DK * The U.S. price applies to all territories where apps are sold in U.S. dollars with any additional taxes applied on top. The TippyTalk privacy policy which may be viewed at http://mobanode.mobi/tippytalk/privacypolicy.htm and terms of use may be viewed at http://mobanode.mobi/tippytalk/termsandconditions.htm



  • Great app,

    By Berghea
    I have used the app for my son, he's verbal but selectively verbal so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. It's a great app and it's easy to navigate even for a 3yo. The downfall is the massive amounts of texts I got from Him asking for things that he really didn't want. I appreciate the amount of time it took to build an app like this! And we are super thankful for the ability to be able to communicate with our son using it!
  • Nope

    By Ash0810momof2
    I wanted to try the app with a non verbal child, and the app had no apparent initial cost (I figured to use a larger version would be an additional cost). I will not pay before I have even had the opportunity to use the app to see if it works for him.
  • Bait and Switch

    By DK Hammel
    Amazing. We tried a 30 day trial for our nonverbal child, and hated it on the first day. My daughter couldn't use it, and it kept sending the text messages to my phone instead of to our nurse. Couldn't tell from the program that we were going to be continually charged per month. Now, after paying for five months of non-use that I never agreed to pay for, it's finally off of her iPad. Do NOT buy this program. It's horrible and they cheat you.
  • Prepay agreement?!

    By EmmaBella
    First, I have my Masters in Multicategorical Special Education, so I love the concept. I also understand that a developer wants to protect her/his product. However, it is impossible to form an opinion about its services when the only way to test it out is to sign up for a monthly (14.99) or yearly ($99.99) subscription. The cancelation offer means nothing to me; I am not willing to endure the cancelling hassle in 29 days. Therefore, I will not suggest this app to my friend whose son is partially nonverbal and behaviorally defiant. The approach should instead provide parents and educators a little snippet, not a misleading ad on Facebook. That is my professional opinion.
  • Impressed so far

    By Katiesuni
    I have a medically fragile non-verbal 2 1/2 year old who currently uses a clunky book-format picture communication system. This is much more intuitive and streamlined. It is extremely easy to add voice pairings and new pictures or categories, and having my daughter able to communicate more easily is well worth the modest $14.99 a month. Cancelling is easy, even though I won't at this time. Simply access the apple account paired with the app and click on "manage subscriptions". Turn off TippyTalk and you are all set. I love that my daughter can either use the app while I'm in the room (I've recorded a voice pairing for each card) or while I'm tending to household tasks (she can send me a text). I especially love that I can take real, concrete pictures and pair it with a card so that she has a reference to an object she sees every day, instead of abstract clip art.
  • Your a criminal

    By Problematic situations
    It's so sick that people like you set out to take advantage of special needs families. If your app is so good and you have a special needs child then it should be free. But you want to build a scam app that robs already financially strained families. Is sick and you should be ashamed of yourself. Make it free for me to communicate with my child as it is for other families and I might review the actual app. Not just how selfish and horrible you are. People and companies like you make me sick. Preying on the needy. May karma have her way with you.
  • Not Happy

    By CAF 8
    I was not happy at all with this app. It did not have enough choices for my non-verbal child to pick from. Then, I tried the paid version, still not enough choices. And once I was subscribed I couldn't get un-subscribed so I got charged for several months before I could get it to stop.
  • May be a great app, but who's tried it?

    By Benjsamson
    Categorically a click-bait app. Saw it on Facebook and I was really excited to see how it works. Its intention is awesome, but execution of how the app can be accessed for use is terrible. It does show a 30-day trial option, however, it's masked within a $14.99 (1 month/per month) or $99.99 (1 year/per year) splash screen that at best, confuses the user. Most users will just cancel off the screen. What the developer should have done is to just have both of those options on there, and at the very top, added the "30-day Trial only" option. Whether the app is good or not remains to be seen. Having the real 30-day Trial only option would have at least reeled users in to try out the app without worrying about turning off auto renew. It would have then ushered in reviews based on actual use, instead of this 2-star review about app development method. Not deleting the app yet, hoping that the developer listens. Review done on Feb 25, 2017.
  • A half-baked idea with potential

    By mmogrrrl
    The emails as you start using this app are super helpful, as it's not immediately obvious how much you can really do with this app. Like many other reviewers, I disliked the images that came with the app by default. I manually replaced them with images my child would recognize. (In my case, I used images from "Signing Time" flash cards, as my son is already familiar with those and having him sign is more versatile than this app, so it reinforcing signing is huge for us.) The cards don't initially have sound associated to them, but you can record a sound for every single one! This is super handy because my child isn't completely non-verbal, just severely delayed. Hearing what he is trying to say spoken out loud may lead to mimicking.. or at least us hearing what he's "saying" without having to check the phone. The pricing model I don't fully understand, though I suspect it goes to the cloud service to save data + whatever they're using to give each child a phone # - after all, phone numbers aren't free (unless you're google). I do wish there could be more customization, though. For example, one of my son's contacts is my mother. She lives in Sweden. Telling her he wants a glass of water is worthless because she can't do anything about it - but telling her he wants to FaceTime, or telling her he loves her or that he just saw a puppy -- these are things he could definitely say to her! But the app is designed assuming every contact is right in the room with the child, which makes sense for basic use, though this app has the potential to be so much more! We may stick with it for a few months to see if the value ultimately matches the price point, then I'll amend this review accordingly.
  • Brilliant Idea, Great App, Challenging Subscription Model

    By Desmoden
    First off, anyone that says that kids need to be able to text to use this clearly never used it. The entire point is that the child selects Pictures. Those pictures then map to the text the parent gets. The child need only to select the picture. Secondly complaining that you need a iPhone or iPad is a to use it is beyond silly. How else would you do this? Thirdly giving such a unique approach to solving a problem one star simply because you don't like the pricing is immature and harmful. These one star reviews are going to keep people from even trying an app that might really help them. The idea is brilliant The App is quite good but will get better as more constructive feedback is given. I don't understand the subscription model, I don't see what value is being given each month in return for the use of the app. I would rather pay $39.95 for the App one and not have a subscription. But I am not a fan of subscriptions in general. Three cheers for a really innovative solution to a very challenging issue. I look forward to where this goes in the future. Don't give up!!!!