Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

By Epic Action LLC

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-28
  • Current Version: 3.28.104
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 142.28 MB
  • Developer: Epic Action LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 29,295 Ratings


Build. Defend. Rule. Join Alexis Ren in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in the brand new mobile strategy game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your friends! Do you have the courage to fulfill your destiny? Journey through vast kingdoms, gather magical resources, and build the strongest Empire in Final Fantasy history! - Experience your very own FFXV adventure on your mobile phone - Jump into the action with Noctis, Cindy, and all of your favorite FF15 characters - Fight alongside friends and against foes in legendary battles against millions of players from around the world! - Build up your Empire and train your troops to win in action packed, real-time battles - Create the ultimate Guild or join up with already-powerful forces - Strategize with your guild to crush enemies and beasts in real-time battles - Compete for the Crystal against players from all over the world An open world with no rules: only magic. Will your magic grow or do you stand to be defeated? Embark on your own Final Fantasy XV mobile adventure alongside Alexis Ren. Your legend starts now in the new MMORPG: Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire.



  • Awful Tutorials

    By SmilingRob
    Stop with the hand holding in the tutorial. Let people play around in the interface. Your game is the interface, make it simple and intuitive. Plus all the timer, cash, pay to win junk. This is a real piece of trash game.
  • Money Drain

    By SMUAlum
    This game is free to download. You can play the game without spending money, but unless you join a generous guild it takes a long time to get anywhere. The game turned from “pay to keep up” to “pay to play”. The events, which used to be free, you have to purchase a pack to participate in. The developers have gotten greedy and killed any fun you used to have.
  • Don’t install

    By Elmo32801
    The game starts off fun graphics are good well decent the packs start off at 499 then go up all the way to 9999 they allow player The game starts off fun graphics are good well decent the packs start off at 499 then go up all the way to 99.99 they allow credit card players to be their main focus so if you don’t have a high limit credit card stay away from this game they allow the credit card players to abuse everybody in the entire relm You get zeroed so you have to keep buying more packs and $100 a pop you complained a big their customer service is horrible and do nothing about it the high-level credit card players abuse all the lower level if you’re smart you’ll stay far away from this game and don’t give and pick another cent of your money because if you make a mistake on the purchase they will not correct it Their main focus is all the credit card players so that all the low-level will keep spending money stick to PS4 version this game gets a rating of a one Because of epic and because they don’t care about anything but money if you have the game uninstall it if you’re about to play the game if you don’t have a credit card do not install it stay far away
  • Starving for Loyalty...etc

    By PTVinKC63
    Love the game, but we are starving for loyalty to buy advanced teleports and shields. Wouldn't it make sense to either lower the cost considerably or make them also purchasable by gold!? It is obvious that the game developers are the same team that did Mobile Strike, which gave me a leg up in understanding this game. But I think some of the features of that game would benefit the experience of this game. For instance the ability to gift things would be a huge plus. Finally the gift packs would get purchased a WHOLE lot more if the game didn't remove the $5 and $20 packs in an attempt to get you to spend more. I would have easily spent another $20 in $5 packs by now and as it is I haven't purchased even one $20 pack since the $5 packs disappeared! Just saying!
  • Customer Service

    By Lyricsr2fire
    They don’t care about there customers they only care about there money. I had a issue to where I spent $100 on a package that was supposed to give 100% off research time then when I open package surprise it’s 80% off research time then “Edmonton” informs me that I must’ve not purchased it in time and there was nothing he could do I showed him screenshots of package and that still wasn’t enough and the timer didn’t run out and I asked for him to get me a manager and he denied me of that so basically when you purchase any package on this application just know it’s at your own risk because customer service will not fix anything for you no matter the proof why do they have jobs to sit back and deny everyone of things they actually paid for what kind of BS is that didn’t there moms teach them better they need better employees instead of more advertisements in my opinion worst experience of ALL TIME no customer support I have ever dealt with in my life is like this one ranked the lowest of low and they earned this title.
  • Show me the money!

    By Orindrey
    Was competitive at launch.... but now it’s pure pay to survive. All new content requires you to buy items to unlock. The packages go from $5 to $25 then to $100+. There are full screen promos to purchase items every time you open the game (or switch back to it). Expect to fork out $1000 easily to be competitive and not get wiped out and permanently lose your hero in the RvR event they have pushed to several times a week. At first they the would have few day notice so your could shield (if you had any left or were forced to buy them). Today they did a blitz RvR with under 2 hour notice....
  • Has potential

    By Ohout
    This game has potential to be the best of its genre. The packs just need to be more valuable for the price.
  • Lots of Money

    By EllyMay808
    Game is basically Game of War with a new coat of paint. Expect to have to spend a LOT of money. As in, thousands or tens of thousands to keep up and be able to succeed. You will be offered a $5 pack, after you buy that you’ll see a $20 pack. From there you only have the option to purchase $100 packs. I’m referencing the special sale packs, because the lower priced ones they have are not worth the cost. They may eventually start offering $20 packs again but it will not be any time soon. Game functions well so far but that’s about the only thing positive that can be said about it.
  • Money pit

    By Holypilot
    It’s fine to pay for games. I have no issue with this. This game however is a constant marketing ploy as blaring as a fog horn. You would have to spend hundreds of dollars to even be competitive.
  • Online casino with another name

    By 212user
    Tha premises and interface is the game may be good. But the P2W aspect of the game is shameful. The only way to advance is to dole out $100 every 3-4 days. Total money grab. Strategy doesn’t count only money does. Most features cannot be unlocked unless 100-400 are spent on that feature. Only great thing is the people you meet at the guilds. Amazing people. But the game is really ridiculously expensive. There should be a limit to how much people can spend. Maybe 200 per player? Some players I personally know have spent more than the value of a car on this game. I rarely make reviews but I could not stay quiet here. How is the rating so high when all the reviews are so bad? It’s kind of fishy!