Banktivity 6

Banktivity 6

By IGG Holdings, LLC

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2017-05-17
  • Current Version: 6.2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 19.66 MB
  • Developer: IGG Holdings, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.12 or later.
Score: 4
From 67 Ratings


*** Featured in Apple's "New apps and games we love" *** Banktivity 6 ushers in a new level personal finance management software for macOS. Whether you're taking your first steps in getting your financial house in order, or you're a seasoned veteran of financial software, Banktivity 6 helps you take complete control of your money. "Over the years I have used Quicken, Mvelopes, YNAB and Mint. Recently switched to Banktivity and love it. Nicely engineered." – Rich, New Jersey World-class technical support via live chat and email with US-based representatives. √ GET ORGANIZED The first step in money management is to get all your finances in one place. If you’ve used software like Quicken (for Mac or PC), Banktivity's set-up assistant will import your old data. Next — or if you’re just starting out — download current transactions from your accounts online, at no cost, via direct connection to your bank or by using Banktivity's built-in browser to view your accounts and download your data for free. Banktivity's optional Direct Access* service makes this even easier by connecting to over 10,000 banks worldwide, automatically delivering the latest transaction data to your Mac. √ SEE WHERE THE MONEY GOES Banktivity has the tools you need to set up checking accounts, savings, credit cards, mortgages, investments and more. Then track each and every transaction: fine-tune them by categorizing, tagging, splitting or making custom edits — or let transaction templates do the work for you. Attach receipts or any file to transactions; reconcile to paper statements; search; track payments or transfers in any currency; and manage repeating events with scheduled transactions. Banktivity 6 also lets you pay bills online! Set up payees, send checks, track their progress and see them appear in your register. You can print checks, too. Update your accounts at once with Banktivity's Update Everything button, syncing devices and fetching Direct Access data and securities prices. √ BUILD SAVINGS Banktivity's budgeting tools help you to set saving and spending goals, track expenses, cut debt and build a more secure future. By giving your available cash specific purposes, envelope budgeting lets you assign money to different categories and carry over savings. Banktivity automatically budgets scheduled transactions like paychecks and bills, so by categorizing each expense and editing the budget itself, you can see where your money goes — and how to make it go further! Banktivity does this visually so that you can see your daily progress; compare past, current or projected budgets; and view it all in a Budget vs. Actual report. √ SECURE YOUR FUTURE Banktivity's investment features manage stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, CDs and other assets. You can track buys, sells, splits, dividends, options, etc.; categorize investment transactions; retrieve quotes from Yahoo! Finance or foreign exchanges; analyze ROI and more. Built-in report templates (Income & Expense, Net Worth, Payee Summary and more) dynamically analyze your finances. Assign tax codes to transactions to generate a Tax Summary report (or export data to TurboTax); or view your holdings in the Portfolio or Investment Summary reports. Banktivity's reports instantly generate graphs and charts. You can drill down for detail with a click, export table data to spreadsheets, and print reports or save them as PDFs. √ WE’RE THERE FOR YOU No matter where you are, you can enter transactions on the go with Banktivity for iPhone, or sync accounts, budgets and investments to Banktivity for iPad for mobile money management (apps sold separately). If you need help, get unlimited email support or Live Chat for answers in minutes. Banktivity offers built-in Help files, plus a downloadable user manual, a searchable Knowledge Base and video tutorials at our site. *Direct Access subscriptions via In-App Purchase.



  • Don’t do it. Don’t upgrade from 5.

    By Kerivk
    What a hot mess. Every time I open the application it wants to start fresh (reimport the data or start a whole new file). I have to “cancel” and go to the manual menu in order to work with “finance (migrated).” It doesn’t automatically update anything—keeps telling me my Banktivity ID doesn’t work (tried to reset that, but no go). When I try to manually import data from banking sites, it gets locked on the import and I have to force quit. The result? I’m typing in every dang transaction every day—HUGE waste of time. Oh! And if you look at the ICG help page, you’ll see that your money-back guarantee only applies if you buy from the site, not from 3rd party retailers (like, you know, Apple.) I’m going to stumble along with this $70 time waster for a little while, then go look for something completely different.
  • Routinely hanging/crashing, and losing data

    By Dan Lowe
    I have been using Banktivity for a couple of years and until recently it more or less worked fine. The last few weeks it has routinely hung and required a force-quit, and when I start back up, it has lost the ability to load my .bank6 documents. Trying to open them just hangs. If it happened once, fine, but this is about the third or fourth time (as of this morning) it's happened. Once I was able to get an old copy from Time Machine... another time I was able to re-sync from the cloud, though it seems like random past transactions had vanished and my balances were wrong. It has become extremely frustrating and cumbersome. UPDATE: I was storing my Banktivity in iCloud (Documents folder). I turned iCloud Documents off, so now it is only local. I have not had this hanging crash since cleaning that up. I am raising my 1 star to 3 stars. I do like the application but this was a real problem and the app had no way to deal with it, such as keeping several backup versions that I could revert to easily. I recall an earlier version like iBank 4 or 5 had something like that? But I only see the one document at this point. If the application could notice you were using Dropbox/iCloud/whatever and warn you to maybe not do that, that would be a big improvement IMO.
  • not good

    By Taino Casique
    The upgrade from iBank was not a pleasant experience. Their “support” does not offer a phone option and the online chat closed and froze a few times sending me to the back of the line. So far not impressed! Also I did not receive the credit for the upgrade from iBank to Banktivity so I ended up paying full price. If you are looking for flexibility to use this software on the iPhone and iPad you need to purchase it separately for each device. Not a great deal so far.
  • Nice changes. Definitely upgrade if using a recent Mac OS—

    By Don A7
    Download 6.2.3 upgrade from the App Store, not from the notice bar at the top of the application window. We use the free services, linking two computers, his and her iPhone, and his and her iPad over IGG’s free cloud. No hidden charges. You can choose to pay for downloads if you want. The sync is free. In Banktivity 6, the computer process seems easier for her. I am not sure why the new interface clicked, but it did. Thank you!
  • Love Bankivity 6

    By Hskr fan
    For me it is hands down better than Quicken. I do miss the upcoming expenses dropping down automatically but other than that it works well!
  • Version 6 having sync issues

    By cemorris
    After upgrading to version 6 the app is constatntly 3 or more days behind on my transactions. The app seems to refuse to download any new transactions and its driving me crazy. I submitted some feedback through email, received a fast reply asking a few questions. After my response to those questions I have heard nothing. Everytime I open the app it is always at least 3 days behind in transactions. For example today is the 18th and the latest transaction is on the 14th. Logging into my bank website I have verified there are at least 20 transactions it has failed to download. Version 5 did not have this issue. Considering moving back to quicken at this point, not happy. UPDATE: So they seemed to have fixed the multi day download lag. I do still have to leave he app open for about 20 minutes and then hit refresh again in order to get the latest transactions from my bank. That is still a big pain, but at least its minutes old and not days old. Rating updated to reflect this change.
  • Awesome Tech Support!

    By gmgarrison
    Downloaded the app this AM. Haven’t had a lot of time to use it yet, but it seems to work and the upgrade from my old iBank4 data was seamless. I quickly ran into a strange error using OFX to download transactions from a brokerage… I contacted tech support and within 15min Kristin B. had identified the problem, and sent me a pre-release patch that fixed the issue! Can’t say enought about their tech support and thats so rare these days...
  • Too Many “Steps"

    By Kelthys
    I’ve been a user of this product since it was first released. Seems like over the years the developers have become so focused on fixing every feedback response that they’ve gone a bit overboard and now (for example) importing bank files has become so cumbersome as to be annoying. Still, a very good app.
  • Much improved

    By cincy area
    While transition to 6 was not easy, it is much improved over previous versions…just hope that improvements rather than replacement continues.
  • Very happy with this product

    By Frank@Breezy
    After using Quicken since 1995 I finally made the jump to this product. I have been fed up with Quicken for years so I downloaded the trial version and spend time to test every item that was important to me. In the process I imported over 50,000 transactions. All transaction came in correctly and all accounts were imported with the correct balances. I set up a very complex budget and can say I am very ecstatic overr this feature compared to Quicken. for once I can eaasily see my cash flow, something I could not do in Quicken (it treated memorized transactions as money that had already been spent). I am extremely happy with the product and will no longer need to run VMWare and Quicken for Windows!