Skype for iPhone

Skype for iPhone

By Skype Communications S.a.r.l

Score: 3.5
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The Skype you know and love has an all-new design, supercharged with a ton of new features and new ways to stay connected with the people you care about most. What can I do with Skype? • Messaging made awesome: More than just text. Send photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons, Mojis and more. You can also respond to any message from your contacts with reactions. • Great for groups: Add your favorite people and start chatting. Use groups to plan together, play together, for staying in touch or just for hanging out. • Call everyone - Skype, mobiles and landlines: Free* video and voice calls make it easier to stay connected with friends and family. You’ll also enjoy low calling rates to mobiles and landlines worldwide with Skype.  • Never miss a moment with quick capture: Quickly swipe to capture photos and videos. Make them your own by adding emoticons, stickers and annotations. • Share Highlights: Keep others updated with Highlights from your day. React to any highlights with awesome emoticons or send a private message about that highlight. Your highlights only stay visible for 7 days to your followers. *Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection. Upgrading to the new Skype may result in the deletion of content from older conversations. To save photos and videos that were previously sent or received in an older version of Skype, save that content to your camera roll/photo gallery before upgrading to the new Skype.



  • Concerned citizen

    By LausDeo(madefonsinister)
    4 out of 5. Do you, as Co. keep any recordings considering a/v calls, chats etc. Thank you
  • No hassle no BS

    By SpaphyTwitch
    Sends my messages, attachment preview for multiple links is a bit gaudy, but I get good call with quality on it. When VoIPing/voice calling, I prefer Skype when on good WiFi. It is more consistent. When on desktop platform the screen share is a must have.
  • Unlink from Microsoft Account

    By G2415
    The forced linkage to Microsoft account is terrible. Greatly reduces my confidence in Microsoft as a company.
  • Disappointed

    By Certifiedpro
    I used to use Skype on my phone every day. We use it to communicate at my office and it’s easier to bring my phone to meetings rather than drag my laptop around all day. Now, every time I open the app it immediately closes out. On the rare occasion it does open, conversations won’t load. My coworkers are having the same issue on their phones as well. It’s been months now. I’ve left a review previously with these issues and nothing has been fixed. Very disappointed that such a large company can’t keep an app working. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded it multiple times and it still doesn’t work. Now I’m stuck using Slack for instant messaging if I’m not at my desk.
  • Ох же и криворукие же

    By lasttrolley
    Криворукие разработчики и UI дизайнеры, под управлением плоскоголовых продактов. Ребята, научитесь думать, вашим продуктом невозможно пользоваться, вы превращаетесь в динозавра от которого скоро останется только мел!
  • UI&UX is still bad

    By Olоlо
    1. Native iOS “swipe to remove” doesn’t work on Chats. I have to use long tap. That should work for ant UITableView.. 2. Giphy previews are low FPS, look odd sometimes 3. Camera and Highlights are dumb features - I need option to disable them from the menu. 4. I can’t remove any item in Calls. Long tap or swiping not works. I have there item with a user trying to call me but he is not in my list of contacts. I don’t want to see him there and want to remove. 5. Menu Contacts doesn’t save selected filter: All, Skype and Active Now. I selected Active Now, I want just too see active contacts, but after app restarts(I manually close it or switched to other apps which eats ram, so iOS killed Skype app to get more free ram needed for other ).
  • App updates ruined the login👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

    By indianewsreader
    After recent app updates, i cannot login my paid services. After the update app took currnt date and says need to verify age and need a US credit card. We could not use the service it further. I contacted customer support they asking my age proof. I am using my id and email with paid services for more than 7 years without any problem. Customer support is not very helpful. @ app team fix this issue. Otherwise please refund my money. Very worst service. Please introduce local customer phone support to reach you.
  • Legacy skype needed!!!!

    By Shademan(denkichukitsune)
    Need to add support for legacy devices using skype!!!
  • okay

    By catterino
    i cant look up someone by their user, i’ve tried with my friend and her skype name said it wasnt registered as one and same with my skype name for her. we had to do so much to even get to talk to each other. other than that its a good app.
  • Horrendous

    By RudeKiser
    The new update is absolute trash. Every time I bring up anything that plays sound like videos, it stops the call and places it on hold (which It never did before). Then once you go back into the app, there's like a 90% chance that you can't take it off hold. Then I either have to end the call or completely come out of the app and call the person back. And it gets very frustrating that I have to do this almost constantly. As of right now, Skype is all I have to get into contact with my girlfriend who lives 11 hours away from me. We both have discord and are thinking of using it instead of Skype. I really wanna stick this out but my patience is wearing very thin. Please fix this soon.