By Peterson Tuners

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2009-03-31
  • Current Version: 2.96
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.35 MB
  • Developer: Peterson Tuners
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 637 Ratings


Usage questions? ***Please contact us before posting an issue in the reviews.*** Peterson Support at or call 708.388.3311 M-F 8am-5pm (CST) TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS FOR OVER 70 YEARS. ---iStroboSoft for iOS--- Peterson Strobe Tuners' popular StroboSoft tuning application for the iPod touch® and iPhone™. iStroboSoft™ offers the unmatched accuracy of a mechanical strobe tuner for the highest degree of precision available in a software tuning application. Plug in and tune your electrics and acoustics quickly and easily with 1/10th cent accuracy. Peterson Tuners has offered tuning solutions for over 65 years and is the only company specializing in hardware and software tuning products for all levels of musicians. FEATURES: • Stand-by mode to reduce battery usage or freeze the display. • Guided Mode Tuning offers an alternate strobe display that slows the strobe bands one-by-one as you come closer to tune. • Speed control for strobe display; dampen the response for a longer note display. • 12 Temperaments with adjustable root control. • Display all sharps note display. • Assisted Low Note Detection (ALND) helps capture very low frequencies. • Mains hum filter option reduces the chances of the tuner latching on to 50 or 60Hz cycle hum when using a direct line-in connection or while using the app during device charging. • Smooth, real-time strobe display allows you to achieve an unmatched level of accuracy. • Note/Octave window displays the correct note and octave for the note being tuned. • Cents display allows you to see how far out of tune your note is in cent values. • Tune in auto or manual mode. • Toggle the display to show: cents, Hz, MIDI note value for the note being tuned. • Glowing flat/sharp indicators assist when tuning a note very far from the target position. • Noise filter: Use the noise filter when utilizing an external mic or clip-on tuning device to help reduce the effect of extraneous environmental noise during tuning. • Input boost: The input boost will raise all input frequencies by +24dB. • Calibration mode: iStroboSoft can be calibrated to an external source guaranteeing 1/10th cent accuracy. • Drop/Capo mode: iStroboSoft will auto-transpose notes up or down to one full octave. • Adjustable Concert A: Change the Concert A reference of the tuner to accommodate tuning to a fixed instrument, such as a piano, or tune instruments that do not utilize the typical Western A440 reference. • Full screen mode permits the strobe display to be maximized on screen to allow better viewing from a distance. • Change strobe display colors to accommodate different lighting environments or set a preferred user color for those with limited color palette recognition. Use the built-in mic on your device for tuning or connect directly via the headphone jack using an approved adaptor cable or interface. Devices without a headphone jack can connect a pickup or mic using the lightning-to-audio adaptor. Optional adaptor cable for direct line-in access as well as mini capsule microphone available from Peterson. Support via email at: or call 708.388.3311 M-F 8am-5pm (CST)



  • iOS 11-only?!

    By esxmac
    Latest version requires iOS 11-only?! At least I didn't waste any money on in App purchases...
  • Excellent

    By Cui Bono?
    [Rig: iPhone 4 / iOS 7.1.2] Excellent, accurate tuner.
  • If only...

    By Ron’s Songs
    Wonderful tuner just as are all their products - in my experience. It might be perfect, if only they had included their sweetened tunings for Pedal Steel.
  • Some issues when used with line-in

    By N2LLC
    When used with a line-in adapter, you may need to close and restart the app. Otherwise, the mic stays on and the app can't get accurate input. This may have something to do with iPad going to sleep hole the app is in the foreground. A bit annoying since I do use this at work, and it requires repeated restart.
  • Best tuner app period!

    By roger45365
    This is the best easiest to visually pin point tuning app out there period. I would give it 5 stars but at times it does display wrong note your are running, just pluck again.
  • Fantastic tuner

    By ts532
    This tuner is fantastic. It's incredibly accurate. That being said, it's not meant to be used in a venue setting, the iPhone microphone isn't good enough to filter out ambient noises, but easily fixed with an input cable. Great app
  • Accurate and precise!

    By dclayburn
    Very pleased with the accuracy. I can really hear and feel the difference! The clip on feature is a great option for noisy situations. I can never go back to regular chromatic/needle tuners!
  • Best tuning app I've tried

    By loondoo
    Have been a long time fan of the Peterson line of strobe tuning apps and of Peterson's "sweetened" tunings. But must say that the I find the layout of the app to be my favorite above all of the other Peterson tuners. Aside from the very sharp and visible stroke display, I especially appreciate them listing how many cents your instrument is off from the desired tuning. Having the cents along with the strobe takes the iStrobo-Soft app over the top for me. Add to that the different tunings for almost every conceivable eclectic instrument makes iStrobo-Soft the one to get.
  • My Critical Review

    By soundanswer
    I would love to love this, but after buying all the in-app purchases I don't. There are aspects of this tuner which are great, however as an iPhone app it is not perfect. In the studio environment it works well, but as soon as there is any ambient noise it gets confused and becomes unusable. I can't use it in any sort of live environment with the iPhone's internal mic. While the sweeteners are a neat idea I haven't found them to be particularly useful because I don't think they follow the intonation abnormalities uniformly. Whenever I use them my instrument is just out of tune, especially with other instruments that have all been "sweetened." From a tweakhead, let's-see-all-the-options-that-exist viewpoint, it's pretty neat. However, these options aren't particularly useful for just tuning my instrument quickly and PLAYING. I find that when I use it I am CONSTANTLY using it. I play a chord after it is tuned and it sounds AMAZING, incredible in fact. However after a few minutes it's out slightly and not in a good way. I find that I don't have this problem with other tuners. I open GuitarToolkit when I'm in stage, and I tune up quickly, and I don't have a problem later. This strobe tuner is very nuanced, and makes my guitar sound incredible for a short bit- but as for an average "sounds good" it doesn't seem to hold up. I really want to LOVE this tuner, and I do in certain (mainly studio) situations. However with all the options I spend too much time trying to figure out what is right for my needs at the time and I waste a lot of time and don't seem to end up with an instrument that is as playable. Possibly Peterson could add a "live" mode that gives a quick usable tuning for a live situation, is less affected by background noise. I think the tuner can already do it- but it is a lot of menus to jump through and things to think of when all I want to do is play an instrument that is in TUNE. I use it on acoustic guitar, electric bass, and mandolin. I do use it, and will continue to. I hope that Peterson either does some training videos on how to get the most out of the tuner, and uses real playing and gigging musicians -or- they tweak the interface to make it easier. As a note, you can't get to the options on an iPad in landscape orientation. You need to flip it into portrait. This is annoying because I use Logic Remote on my iPad on a mic stand in landscape, when I want to switch to the tuner and if I have to tweak any option I have to pop the iPod out of the stand. Anyhow, 3 stars. I hope to give it a 5 star in the future.
  • A beginning double bass players best friend

    By Mike Perholtz
    Even with the requisite series of google searches, I had some trouble finding a iOS tuner app that would work well with double bass, especially when using the bow. Then I came across a forum where a few recommendations on The Peterson were posted. I am usually hesitant about spending any money on software without being able to first demo the product through a trial version, but I took the chance on The Peterson and after a couple months of daily use, I am very glad I did. The Peterson works great with the bow, even on the growly low notes. As a beginner double bass player coming from 27 years of being a serious guitar player, having no frets on the neck means that is not easy to map out the notes. This is where The Peterson tuner has really helped me the most. The strobe tuner indicators are large and visibly span the entire viewport; in my case an iPhone 6 screen. To be in tune, the goal is to get the strobe tuner indicators to remain still (not move up or down). Therefore, during a practice session, I can easily see out of the corner of my eye (in real-time) if I am in tune on a note while, for example, sight-reading some sheet music. I have The Peterson wired input adapter for my mobile device, which enables me to "clip" a frequency detecting clamp to the inside of my f-hole on my double bass and plug the other end into my iPhone headphone jack. However, I find whether I am using the bow or fingering pizzicato, the built in microphone works better in real-time during my practice sessions. The microphone background noise cancelling works pretty well in accordance with iPhone 6. However, I think the clip on adapter is essential when tuning in noisy environments. The main problem(s) I usually run into with the aforementioned way I am using The Peterson is that (1) The 5th of the note I am playing sometimes registers, especially on lower notes. (2) Sometimes the notes start showing up entirely incorrectly, in which case completely ending the app process and restarting The Peterson fixes this immediately. (3) Sharp's or Flat's don't register for me nearly as well as natural (diatonic) notes. Finally, I am big on customer service. Peterson has some of the finest technical support I have ever run across; the kind that will restore your faith in humanity. For this, I will stand by The Peterson through thick and thin. Thanks again Peterson support.