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Get the most out of your closet - for the price of a latte or a gossip magazine, you could have a closet assistant for life! Stylebook has over 90 features to help you curate your closet and get more out of what you own! Import your actual clothes, create magazine-style outfits, plan what to wear, create packing lists and learn more about your wardrobe with statistics like cost per wear - in this totally customizable app! AS SEEN IN THE NEW YORK TIMES JUNE 12, 2017 Stylebook is an expert wardrobe organization and closet management tool created by a fashion industry insider, who got her start as an intern in the Vogue fashion closet and is an alum of Lucky magazine. Included in Condé Nast Traveler's "Best Travel Apps for Packing" and Mashable's "Ten Fresh Apps for Fashion Enthusiasts" 2014 Tabby Awards - Users' Choice Winner in the Lifestyle Category Available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. REVIEWS "Easily see what is working and what isn’t" - "A must for Cher Horowitz types!" - Vogue Australia "Closet-organization apps allow you to catalog your wardrobe and play stylist...I find Stylebook to be the most intuitive." - New York Times "Stylebook delivers. This isn't just closet organization, this is full blown wardrobe management — and then some." - Refinery29 "Our new wardrobe secret weapon is the @StylebookApp" - THE OUTNET.COM 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Fashion Week - Vogue Paris "The Clueless virtual closet exists in real life, OMG" - Cosmopolitan UK "...the ultimate wardrobe manager" - InStyle "9/10...Best wardrobe organizer ever" - Wired App Guide 2012 "Perfect if you've caught yourself daydreaming about tomorrow's outfit with nowhere to jot it down." - Wall Street Journal "...wardrobe organization at its best" - FabSugar FEATURES • CLOSET: add images of your own clothes • BACKGROUND REMOVAL TOOLS: cut out your clothes for easy collaging • LAY OUT OUTFITS: layer and resize clothing on a free-form canvas • OUTFIT SHUFFLE: shuffle your closet like a deck of cards to reveal new outfit ideas hiding in your closet! • ICLOUD BACKUP: protect your data by backing up with iCloud • PACKING LISTS: add whole outfits, plan how you'll pack ahead of time • NO LIMITS: add unlimited clothing, accessories and inspirations to your outfits • CALENDAR: plan what to wear in advance • CUSTOM CATEGORIES: add, edit or delete any category in your closet, looks and inspiration library • SHOP: mobile shopping catalog of over 7,000 retailers powered by ShopStyle • INSPIRATION LIBRARY: track and save your style inspiration • STYLE EXPERT: read interviews with fashion insiders, learn how to manage your wardrobe, find out how to make your wardrobe last, and more! • SEARCH: search your closet for keywords or properties like fabric, season, color, etc. • SHARE: share outfits and clothes with friends via e-mail, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest • WIFI TRANSFER: transmit looks, clothing items or inspiration to other iOS devices • STYLE STATS: insights into how you wear your clothes and outfits, including what you wear the most, what you wear the least and which items get the most bang for the buck • HELP: searchable how-to manuals and demo videos included • E-MAIL SUPPORT: in case you need help, contact ALSO FEATURED BY: - Better Homes & Gardens - Good Housekeeping - Real Simple - Harper's Bazaar UK - NYLON - Marie Claire - The Los Angeles Times - Refinery29 - #1 on "8 Fashion Apps Worth Downloading" - The Tyra Banks Show - New York magazine's "The Cut" - And more - visit for the full list! DEMO VIDEOS: - Visit to watch demo videos of the app! We're unable to reply to reviews, so if you have questions or feedback, please feel free to send us an email at!



  • Worst app ever

    By Chenchenchen99
    I purchased it because of so many great reviews, but it works poorly. I have to manually edit every single picture of my outfit because the automatic edit function is so stupid. I took pics on my plain white sheet, white table, plain walls— non of these backgrounds work.
  • Great, but update please! :)

    By Swift6077
    Really love this app. It does an excellent job helping you see what clothes you have (so you can wear more) and what you don’t really wear much/like. I would LOVE 2 upgrades. 1) allow items to be added to looks and removed back to the strip at the bottom easily if you don’t like it. It’s a pain to back through the whole process again if you choose the wrong item. 2)a home button on every page. I hate to keep hitting back, back, back all the time. Great app! Thanks! And would love to see these updates!!!
  • Great app.. but no option to change language

    By calorinesparks
    I downloaded the app on the US store and for some reason it is in Spanish, and there is no way to change it. I have no idea why this happened. Luckily I understand Spanish, but it is very annoying not being able to change it. Overall app is easy to use and very helpful, although it could use an update. I recommend.
  • No syncing

    By nine192837465
    The app has great functionality & usefulness, but there's a lot of practicality lost by not being able to sync between devices. It seems really outdated that content wouldn't be able to sync automatically from an iPhone to an iPad, and I think the app was overpriced given it's lacking that feature. If syncing was seamless I would recommend it, but with the way it is now I just don't think it's worth it.
  • Best app ever!

    By Gymnastgirl21
    This is a great app that is definitely helpful when choosing outfits to wear! Only complaint is that there is no feature that lets you see if the item is dirty or clean! Besides that though, this app is amazing!
  • Stylebook is awesome!

    By Privacy.Preferred
    This app is a huge help with managing my wardrobe. I lost all of my clothing in a natural disaster a few years ago, and have since accumulated a large amount of donated clothing that is not my style, doesn't match, and often has significant fitting issues. I'm so grateful for these clothes, but it's been overwhelmingly difficult to create a cohesive wardrobe that suits a return to professional life. This app has begun to turn that all around!!! Thank you!!! Soon I will be able to re-donate clothing that doesn't work for me to others in need. I'm so excited!
  • Sooooooo helpful for the not-naturally-fashion-inclined

    By MMWirta
    This app is amazing! I'm not naturally fashion-inclined and have a really hard time coming up with outfits, much less remembering them on the fly when i'm getting dressed in the morning. This app makes it soooo much easier to look put-together consistently with a lot less stress or 'thinking' involved once I've come up with an idea the first time: - to set it all up I'm just adding my clothes a few items at a time whenever I get something new delivered (easy to add images since most of my clothes are bought online and I can use those website pics instead of photographing clothes myself), or when I go through a section of my closet. - I troll Pinterest for cute outfit ideas that i can make with pieces I own and then put together that "outfit" in my app with my clothing pieces and save it. Once I think of an outfit and create it I never have to remember it again, I can just scroll through my "closet" at any time knowing that I have tons of fully-composed outfits available to me with no more effort or questioning if I own the pieces to make it all work. - I can plan outfits in advance for dates or events that I have going on and not have to remember them. I just open the app's calendar when i'm getting ready and pull out whatever i had decided on earlier. - And it's interface is suuuuuper flexible in many ways, you can have multiple outfits on a day, individual pieces of clothing or outfits, you can add different things to each other from practically any different screen, it is fantastic. There are tons of other benefits that you can read about in the app description, but these are the things I've found most helpful fromt he perspective of someone who has a hard time understanding what might look good to wear on any given day.
  • Needs Option to Photoshop Out Cat

    By woodfloorbeams
    Great concept, but the tool to photoshop out the background of photographed clothes just washes the clothes out. Also needs some way to automatically edit out cats because anyone with a cat knows that laying any item of clothing down to photograph it is just an invitation for the little jerk to sit on it.
  • Awesome app

    By z3nmom
    I love this app! It makes it easy to plan outfits for the week. Also, it helps me to see what I've worn on previous weeks so I don't repeat outfits (e.g. wear the same outfit 2Mondays in a row).
  • Syncing Devices

    By -:darci:-
    Drawback: the app doesn't seem to sync across different devices. Disappointing if you've created looks on one device and can't access them on any other devices.