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Invoice 2go Invoice & Estimate


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  • Release Date: 2012-08-07
  • Current Version: 10.13.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
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Invoice2go makes it easy for small business owners to create professional invoices on the go. Create great-looking, professional invoices and get paid faster using one simple app. We are the on-the-go invoicing solution for all types of businesses: from contractors to dog walkers, web designers to musicians. All of your information is automatically synced and available on your iPhone, iPad and computer. Invoice2go has been the #1 invoice app for 10+ years and counting. Here’s why people choose Invoice2go: LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL • Streamline your look. Choose from 8 professional invoice templates optimized for easy use. • Add a logo for your business. Upload your own or create one using our custom logo designer. • Match your brand. Sync the color of your logo to your invoice. • Showcase your awards and accreditations. Include additional images on your invoice to elevate your look. INVOICE WITH EASE • Sync automatically across all of your devices. Invoice from your iPhone on the go and use your iPad to view reports.You can even use Invoice2go on your desktop or laptop. • Jump right in without any training. If you can send an email, you can use Invoice2go. • Experience updates in real time. Review your edits before you send an estimate or invoice. • Convert on the go. Turn an invoice into an estimate in seconds. • Set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly invoices for repeat business and we’ll remind you when they’re ready to be sent. GET PAID FASTER • Send invoices on the spot. Improve your turnaround time and save yourself the paperwork. • Accept payments instantly. Add the payments feature so clients can pay your invoices using American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal. • Never miss a thing. Keep an eye on overdue invoices and send automatic payment reminders. STAY ORGANIZED • Stay up to date. Know what happens to your invoice after you hit “send”. See when customers have viewed your invoices and who still needs to make a payment. • Keep track of your receipts. Organize all of your expenses and print reports with one tap. • Run reports on estimates, invoices, expenses and more. • Get all the information you need in one statement. Just select a client and we’ll take care of the rest. ----- Invoice2go the ultimate invoice maker: Send simple invoices using professional templates, invoice generator, PDF invoices and quotes, online payments, bill organizer, receipt and expense tracking, time tracking, time management and business reporting — all rolled up into one easy-to-use app. Whether you need to create a construction invoice or estimate, business receipt for your side gig or track receipts for your small business, Invoice2go is the #1 invoice app. ** Ready to get started? Download our free invoice app today. You can try the Invoice2go Pro Plan for 14 days free (no credit card required) before choosing the plan that best suits your business. **



  • Significant I2g functionality loss with updates

    By D. Sakala
    I2g has in the past been a great app. I used to upload lists of items a feature that is no longer there. And somehow after the update the currency in my list of items has changed to some other currency. Further the plans seem to have changed to the effect of attenuating the actual value derived by I2g users, this by the introduction of various significant limits including the number of items per plan which seem to have been capped to 100 in the enterprise plan; and also by the denudation of flexibility. Generally, I’m an optimist and trust that these issues will be resolved sooner than later. Perhaps I could in the near future increase the rating to 4/5 or 5/5. Therefore I wait. Dennis
  • Super frustrating since the new update.

    By ibobvt
    I used to absolutely love this app. It made putting together invoices very quick and getting paid was very easy. It did most things perfect for me. That was before the update back in June I think it was. Since then putting together an invoice has been a pain, not nearly as simple as it used to be, and after you do an invoice and you want to mark it as paid, you have to hit add payment and then hit fully paid and then it asks you for how much the amount is when you’ve already done it in the invoice and the app can’t remember it to the fully paid page, ridiculous. Another thing that is super frustrating is when you add an item and you want to apply sales tax, it used to just allow you to turn on the one you wanted to apply, now they are all on by default and you have to run around the tax list and turn every one of them off except the one you want otherwise it will add a bunch of tax that you don’t want. But even with all of this, the most frustrating thing for me is the client list. I have a client list of several hundred people and I used to be able to dial and call any of my clients directly from my contact list, which is a feature that any client list should have, the ability to call your customer. In the old app you used to be able to do that, now in the new you cannot. You either have to copy and paste the number or stop and write it down and then dial it or try to remember and hope you got it right. Absolutely ridiculous and totally unacceptable in a modern application. All of my other apps have the apple Phone API built into the app and it automatically recognizes a phone number and give you the ability to dial it. I have called these people twice, the first time the guy recognized that it was an issue and he promised to do a follow-up call with me to let me know when it would be included in the application and they never did. The second time I complained about the first time and they promised to do a better job the second time around and it’s been weeks and it still isn’t done, totally unacceptable. My son is in high school and has won several coding competitions and he says it’s not that difficult to plug-in the Apple phone API into the application. Hey Invoice2go.... you want him to come over and do it for you. Don’t get this app unless you’re ready to pull your hair out.
  • Really happy

    Finally I can switch from one account on to the other with out having to sing out!!! I stopped using your service for years because of it Now I have tried 3 deferent apps but you still the best...
  • Don't pay !

    By brianboruu
    I paid to have the software unlocked for unlimited they want $99/Yr!!!!!! Thieves. I believe the reason unpaid for the 'Full' version a year ago was that it had no limits! Is this a money grab.?????
  • Nope.

    By tuava
    Every time I switched apps to get information my other information was deleted. Wasted 30 mins trying to put an invoice together and it kept dumping everything. Garbage.
  • Timeout error

    By Hvca2
    Is anyone else having problems connect/ or sending invoices this morning? I'm getting a timeout error
  • Customer of 4+ years, they don't care.

    By Myndtrixx
    Bottom line, if you want a program to streamline your business, this is NO LONGER A SMART CHOICE! (WILL UPDATE REVIEW ACCORDINGLY). From 2013 to first quarter 2017 the updates have been solid and amazing. This company has completely RUINED their product by effectively eliminating ALL of their most used features. To existing customers that have been negatively impacted, save your energy trying to get any reimbursement or credit for the lost revenue or productivity of your business as this company won't compensate you for their mistake & lack of operational oversight. The CSR's will make up excuses of their inability to IMPLEMENT FEATURES THAT PREVIOUSLY EXISTED AND WORKED FLAWLESSLY. Bare minimum to fix: (These issues occur across multiple iOS 7+ platforms, all of which are updated / running latest firmware.) 1) CHRONOLOGICAL display of receipts, broken down by various subcategories (like previously in the Receipts2go subcategory) are now drop downs, but aren't updating real time input expenses. (Buggy, receipts STILL randomly not displaying at all. DEVS: See sort by date, latest do not show up and every expense logged in previous update respectively is NOT DISPLAYING IN NEXT FOLLOWING UPDATE!!!! (INCOMPLETE as of 10/11/17) 2) Searching & Exporting receipts used to be a viable and SIMPLE option, as advertised, but the current export option NO LONGER exports either a .pdf or .csv format file that includes the following NECESSARY information: A) Transaction list B) Photos of receipts attached as well in .pdf like before in receipts2go. (INCOMPLETE as of 10/11/17) 3) Easily readable CHARTS / REPORTS displaying real time business performance numbers, profit / loss, seeing your business at a glance etc. like before on the home screen. ALSO YOU CANNOT SEE PREVIOUS YEARS REVENUE (bugged) (INCOMPLETE as of 10/11/17) 4) The user interface for quickly SEARCHING recent invoices, expenses, receipts, etc is not visible through mobile app home screen. (INCOMPLETE as of 10/11/17) 5) CUSTOMER AUTOFILL / Drop down selections. Invoices that have been created with customer info, are displaying as BLANK invoices w/no descriptions, units, or totals. (INCOMPLETE as of 10/11/17) 6) When scrolling, Drop down menu's in item, client, and expense lists randomly reset back to the top of the page. (INCOMPLETE as of 10/11/17) 7) Custom invoice numbering isn't streamlined. Previously we were able to input a number and it automatically proceeded to the next. Now this no longer functions properly, but rather refers you to the "settings" area to make the change, however there STILL is no option listed to do so. (INCOMPLETE as of 10/11/17) 8) Invoices that have been set with a due date of NET14 or NET30 are displaying now as NET0 and / or overdue. (FIXED as of 7/17/17) 9) Invoices that have been sent, marked as UNSENT. (FIXED as of 7/17/17) 10) Invoices that have been PAID, showing up as UNPAID OR with invoice totals of $0.00 w/no description. (FIXED as of 7/17/17)
  • I like

    By Sphinx045
    Very good just needs cheaper rates
  • Finding a different app

    By All seasons of Mason county
    Invoicing seems to work well for me, other than I never received my customers money after she paid using the pay now button. STEER CLEAR! I lost hundreds of dollars!
  • Best App For Small Business

    By BillyMillerOnBrockRoad
    I realize this is only one person’s input, but I have been using this app for my home improvement business for a couple years now, and I have tried others, but this is definitely my favorite app to run my business on. Whether the job is big or small, this is the easiest way to do estimates and invoices on the job, or at home, on my iPhone, iPad, or laptop, there is no easier way. I’ve never had any glitches or problems as long as I have used it. I have the least expensive package, and I’ve never had a need to upgrade to a better package. Thanks for a great app Invoice2go!!!