By R.L.M. Software

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-05-01
  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 12.47 MB
  • Developer: R.L.M. Software
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.


The most powerful and compact calculator for Students and Professionals in Science, Finance, Business, Accounting and real state. The R.L.M. Software's RLM-17BII calculator simulates the real HP 17BII+ calculator taking full the advantages of the iPhone4 & 5 retina display, with the uniques features of the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch platforms. Over 250 built-in Menu-driven functions in a clear and informative fashion: - TVM for loans, savings and leasing. - Amortization Table calculation. - List based Cash Flow analysis. - IRR, NPV, NFV and NUS calculations. - Bonds price and yield for 30/360 or Real calendar with Annual or Semiannual coupons. - SL, DB, SOYD and ACRS Depreciation calculation. - %CHG, %TOTL, MU%P, MU%C Percentage calculation. - Interest rate conversions. - Date and Time arithmetics. - Dates in M.DY or D.MY modes - List based, two variable Statistical analysis. - Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic and Power curve-fitting. - Equation Solver. - Selectable RPN or Algebraic input logic. - Continuous memory. - User selectable number format - etc.... iPhone & iPod touch added features: - Copy and Paste touching the display. - Highlight "Shift" functions setting. - Dynamic menu key labels and RPN mode keys. - Status line added in the Display. - Extensive memory content view. - Tip calculation menu application. - Reference Quick Help view. - Detailed Amortization table view. - Trigonometric, hyperbolic functions added. - Combinations and Permutations functions added. - Polar to rectangular and vice versa conversions. - List editor for cash flows and statistics. - Solver Equation Editor and variables sorter views. - File Save & Load for SUM and CFLO lists. - File Save & Load for Solver equations. - Currency & conversions picker with on-line rates. - New Settings view to : * Select the scientific labels set to show. * Highlight 'Shift' functions toggle. * Adjust sound effects volume. * Disable the device auto-lock when the calculator is running. * Adjust the display illumination. * Set the calculator mode to 'RPN' or 'ALG'. * Set the number format to 'FIX', 'SCI', 'ENG' or 'All' digits. * Set the number of decimals to show. * Select the decimal and thousands separator character. * Select the Angle unit to 'DEG', 'RAD' or 'GRAD'. * Select the date format to MM.DDYYYY or DD.MM.YYYY * Set the operation priority. - Free support & updates Functional differences with the real HP-17BII+; - Memory limited to the device's available memory (the real HP-17BII+ has only 28KB) - English Language Only. - No clock, alarms, appointments and text functionality. - No printing functionality except in selected views (Amortization table and Help views). - Calculator's mode status indicators always visible in the display. - Selectable sets of scientific functions 'Shift' Labels for the numeric keys. System Requirement: - iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 & iPod touch with System 6.0 or above. Please send any comment, bug report or feature request to "support@rlmtools.com".



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    By Idbound
    Working great. I have recommended it to my fellow loan officers.