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  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2015-08-24
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 539.38 MB
  • Developer: MIDIculous LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
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• Your Bread and Butter Live Giggin' Module and Rompler • You get 3-FREE Sounds (MKS Piano 2, Acoustic Grand, Brass) The MKSensation is a player's live gigging module designed to give you the bread and butter sounds needed for a live session, gig, church service, or studio session. The layout, ease of use, sliders, and simple functionality is what has made our PC version so successful. There is no fancy splash page and it's not rattled with hundreds of sounds. It's designed to be loaded and played for instant layering and inspiration. You could could call this your instant rompler full of the sounds you would use all of the time and given our reputation of sampling, you know the sounds will be very warm, thick, and realistic. You won't even believe that these sounds are coming from your iPad! History: Our roots stem from being gospel musicians. In the good ol' days we would have our multi-tier stack of keyboards and modules all layered together with a very intricate MIDI routing setup with all of or presets ready for live worship. Our setup would consist of a warm acoustic piano; a CP80 type of semi-realistic piano; lush strings; warm pad with filter cutoff; a very expressive tine; phat synth brass; a nice buzz saw; and a good ol' real brass sound. Between these few staple sounds, we were ready for any gig, service, studio session, or performance. Think about it....When you go to the music store to try out a new synth, what do you end up playing the most...? You play the pianos, keys, strings, horns, and synth sounds. That's what this module is all about. You can layer as many sounds as CPU permits, for instant inspiration on your iPad. Operation: - Click on a sound butto to activate the sound (Red LCD On) - Click the Green Light (Right Top Corner) to activate the global effects section. - The left side of the module shows the effects to be activated, and their levels - The exception is for the EP 1 and EP 2. The insert FX chorus will not be used. The sounds will be swiped out with the actual sample of the chorus from the MKS unit Sounds Available: 1. Piano 1 - MKS Piano 1 2. Piano 2 - MKS Piano 2 3. EP 1 - MKS EP 1 with and without chorus (Sampled using the original chorus) 4. EP 2 - MKS EP 2 with and without chorus (Sampled using the original chorus) 5. Power Grand - Classic gospel grand piano 6. Acoustic Grand - Warm acoustic grand 7. Dyno - 80s type electric dyno 8. FM Tine - DX FM electric EP 9. Brass - Warm Brass Section with Mod Wheel LFO 10. Synth - Poly Synth with Mod Wheel LFO 11. Strings - Warm cinematic strings 12. Pad - Warm pad CPU and Processing: CPU is contingent upon your iPad Model. As with anything, don’t go crazy! Don’t think you can activate 5-6 sounds and play full glissandos and you will not max out your CPU. Also, there is an inverse relationship between lower latency and CPU. For example if you want your latency (the time between you hitting the keys and you hearing the sound) to go down, then you probably won’t be able to play as many sounds at once. There is always a fine line between the two. From our testing using an iPad 4th generation, we were successfully able to stack up to 6-sounds at a buffer of 512. Obviously, the newer the iPad, the better (with the exception of the iPad 3). ------------------------------------------------------ These Devices and Anything Higher will Work: iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini 1-4, iPad Air 1-2 These iPads Will not work: iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation, iPad Pro (GUI Not Ready)



  • Wait for an update before purchasing!!

    By Mr Steevo
    Great idea but, No app support. They don’t respond back. They don’t bother to update. Brass and Synth sound freezes even on an updated iPad . Midi learn is not that good. Neo Soul keys is a much better app.
  • More Midi functions

    By AbelZapata
    It would be better if we can control the mix from our midi. So control some of all the 12 channels on our midi for better live performance.
  • Dude, Upate the app man!

    By Antzvibe
    What’s the problem? You guys are onto to something. But no presets? The players”one you advertised? No updates in a YEAR?! :O. COME ON MAN. AT LEAST ADDRESS IT. Not hostile just disappointed. Midi learn-forgets each time I open it. So I gotta midilearn each time I open it..? Nice sounds bud your best to address our issues
  • Doesn't work with iPad mini 2

    By Bluchi_mane
    For whatever reason the midi wouldn't work with the iPad mini 2nd generation, and the description says it should work. It works fine wth my iPhone, but not the iPad mini, which is totally weird.
  • Phenomenal app!!!!

    By PMillerGroove
    I am a working musician who also plays in church. This app has become a go-to workhorse. I have recently invested in keyboard apps & found the convenience to to be wonderful. But upon downloading MKSensation, I have opened up a wealth of new sonic possibilities. I generally play the Motif 8 at church. Coupled with this app, the sounds are amazing. I'm hoping that the developers will allow it to be merged with apps like Korg Gadget. If that happens, then the ceiling would be truly shattered!
  • Good sounds, but it is not good for Live Play

    By Quinterry
    Love the sounds,however when it comes to Live Play, it's horrible. A single sound is fine, however if I layer/combine 2 or more sounds; it goes from using 30-50 CPUs to 160-190 causing it to freeze all the time. $30 for something I can't use. I use other apps for live play that has 10xs the features of this apps and they function way better, using up to 70 CPU.... No freezing... Fix this issue and it's a sure 5 stars from me.
  • App randomly crashes

    By Better by Tuesday
    The sounds are great but for some reason the app always crashes. It's very frustrating & embarrassing especially live. I use other keyboard apps and they work fine so in concluding that it is a problem within the app. Please fix it because I LOVE the sounds.
  • Where are the sounds?

    By Nupe Ellington
    I purchased the All synths for $29.99 and I don't see any new sounds. Where are they? If not, I would like my money back please.
  • Ahhh, I don't think so!

    By Eriptron
    Finally got sound from the app. Cheesy quality sounds. I would never use such low quality sounds on anything I do! And at $4 a pop is 75% too much. ------ Does not take advantage of a multitouch device making it unnecessarily difficult to navigate around to actually use it. No presets is a huge negative! I never, ever heard of a developer before 'advertising' that they aren't including any presets as plus?! That's just a lazy developer. BUT, let's get back to, I've got no sound! That's too funny. One star.
  • Add Organs Delay PC and Filter Cutoff 74

    By Waste my time
    Great interface! Sweet chorus! Nice RD and Yamaha sounds snd it weighs a few ounces instead of 75 pounds.... Please add comp perc full organs, clav, delay, controller 74 for filter cutoff and selectable program changes! Then one app can almost cover an entire gig!